Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Marching Science Televangelists

A quick review of the differences between rhetoric, dialectic and facts would be wise before delving into the linked  ... the REALLY tiny summary:

rhetoric -- sales speech
dialectic -- philosopher discussion speech
facts --  inductively verifiable pieces of data

Bill Nye and Neil "The Gassy" Tyson are Televangelists for the religion of Scientism -- the belief that 2+2=4, ergo "I am become god" (science as religion). Their stock and trade is rhetoric, not facts ... and I doubt if they would know dialectic if it bit them in the posterior.

The article does a good job of covering some of the seaminess of Scientism, I highly recommend it.

Freeman Dyson is an actual scientist, so nobody cares what he thinks ... he states the obvious that anyone with a junior high understanding of climate knows:

The most questionable of these beliefs is the notion that the science of climate change is settled and understood. The biggest of all climate changes have been the ice ages, which have covered half of North America and Europe with kilometer-thick sheets of ice. Ice ages happened repeatedly in the past, and we are about due for another one to start. A new ice age would be a disaster far greater than anything we have to fear from climate warming. There are many theories of ice ages, but no real understanding. So long as we do not understand ice ages, we do not understand climate change.
 In order for the left to win, ALL institutions have to be destroyed. If even 20% of the public understood basic philosophy, theology, politics, and junior high science, we would still live in America rather than BOistan.

Alas ... the set of people that have that level of understanding is more like 1% -- so we perish in BOistan ... but as always, the perishing scream and march loudly.

Oh, and if you are video oriented, go see what Scientism is peddling -- yes, Tammy Faye's makeup was horrific, but seriously?

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