Thursday, April 06, 2017

OJ, Susan Rice: "If I Did It"

Susan Rice unmasked | Power Line:

PL is covering the tale of the BO administration "unmasking" and spreading classified information around in order to illegitimize the Trump election. This after declaring with two weeks to go in the election that the "election is completely legitimate, and any Trump claims otherwise are treasonous and un-American".

It seems that Susan Rice needs to write a book with the same title as OJ did ... "If I did it".

To the left, "legitimate" means they win, "illegitimate" means they don't.

If one only listens to left wing media, the Rice story is either not told at all or listed as "fake news". Who knows? We live in a surreal world where "truth" is pretty much a tribal thing. The left has plenty of "stories / narratives" to make their folks believe that "Russian hacking" and possible "Trump collusion" is very legitimate and important -- you just have to suspend what they told you from the "Russian Reset" through "the 1980's want their foreign policy back", through BO assuring them he would have "more flexibility after the election", through their "help" with the "red line", two weeks before the election where "nothing they have done affects the election" ... to now ... they are significant enemies, they definitely impacted the election, and probably Trump conspired with them.

Not hard to believe at all if you are in the "D" tribe.

We do certainly KNOW that "someone" got a lot of data on phone calls involving at least Trump associates, if not Trump himself. So his incoming administration was CERTAINLY spied on. Is gathering information on your political opponents the proper use of US espionage resources?

Again, I guess that depends on your "tribe". It is rather hard to imagine the D's and MSM being quite as sanguine if the rolls were reversed ... if W had spied on Hillary and others in the incoming BO adminstration back in late '08 and early '09 and released information on their supposedly private conversations.

I'm not a D, so it seems pretty surreal to me.

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