Saturday, April 01, 2017

Pence, Sexism, Wrong Forest

Mike Pence Is Why We Have To Stop Excusing Religious Sexism | The Huffington Post:

This particular flap is proof that much of BOistan has moved beyond "not seeing the forest for the trees", and is in fact in "the wrong forest". They may even be doing a colonoscopy on Forrest Gump rather than whatever they thought they were doing with a tree in their own forest.

They built the current sexual harrassment forest, the rest of us have to live in it even though they don't recognize the work of their own hands.

For those that are not aware, Mike Pence has a rule of not going out for dinner / drinks and heavily avoiding private conversations with women that are not his wife -- and that is TERRIBLE, and can ONLY be explained by:
  1. Complete lack of self control / fear. 
  2. Misogyny, sexism, etc "bad attitude" toward women
 I just have to tip my hat to the "non-judgemental liberal society with maximum personal freedom" -- yeah, right!

In BOistan today, the legal standard for sexual harrassment is "she said she felt harrassed". Having been WAY too close to this issue with multiple people over the past 20 years, I speak from experience -- you can DEFINITELY lose your job, be slapped with a restraining order, charged with a crime, etc over the CHARGE of ANY sort of "ogling, speaking, innuendo, etc", let alone "touching".

The CHARGE against Clarence Thomas for example was allegedly (so much for presumption of innocence, innocent until PROVEN giuilty:
  1. Mentioning the X-rated movie "Long Dong Silver" (they subponaed his video rental records)
  2. Saying that a hair on a Coke can "looked like a pube"

That was IT ... for that ALLEGATION, he nearly lost the opportunity to be on the SCOTUS! No witnesses, no documentation, just "Anita Hill said" (after she had followed him to two separate jobs). Teddy Kennedy, the secretarial swimming coach sat in judgement, Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.

Men all over the country with a degree of regularity that nobody cares to talk about, let alone recognize, are being charged with all manner of "things", and your best defense is to simply NEVER be in a situation where such a SUSPICION could even be REMOTELY corroborated -- not that following this rule is any sort of a guarantee. In one of the cases I know intimately, a man was falsely accused of resting his hand on a woman's knee at a meeting he did not attend (mistaken identity), and he had to prove he was not at the meeting to save his job!

Being a REPUBLICAN, let alone in the TRUMP administration? All this goes 100X ... ANY sort of tale is going to get FRONT PAGE NEWS and treated as totally true with nothing in the way of corroboration.

Pence is a wise man on this issue  -- let's hope the other men in the Trump administration are just as wise or even wiser -- I would basically want to be videotaped 100% of the time were I Pence, Tillerson, Sessions, etc.

Read the article -- the modern feminist is not just rabid, she is insane.

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