Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tribal Cost Accounting

Time for some corrections! Chicago Tribune fact-checks costs of Trump travel; CNN hardest hit –

It would be hard to find an issue that I care about less than the cost of presidential travel or the anount of trips and "vacation days" presidents take. Anyone that has ever worked for a major US corporation at anything above the lowest of levels (and often there as well) knows that in the digital / cell phone age, 24x7 work is highly probabable. The "office" goes everywhere ... certainly the oval one does!

This issue is hilarious because it is 100% partisan. The first time I heard about it was with Nixon going to see Bebe Rebozo in FL and out to San Clemente -- it was bad, I was a Democrat in those days, so I thought it was bad as well. Gerald Ford played too much golf (badly) according to the media, and in those days I played along. Carter was fine -- I didn't question the MSM yet, so I assumed he was fine -- Plains GA sounded pretty cheap.

Then came Reagan -- by this time, I considered myself a "non-partisan pragmatist". I voted for Reagan because he claimed that the US had a future while Carter indicated it only had a past. But the media assured us that the cost of Reagan's travel to CA was HUGE! Sometime during the early '80s I discovered National Review and the concept that like many things, the political story had AT LEAST two sides -- by later in the '80s, talk radio and then Fox news showed up, to push back on some of these stories.

Then came Slick Willie. He didn't travel all that much cuz travelling back to a trailer part in Arkansas isn't all that appealing, especially when you are ordering up pizza's and BJs in the oval office. The conservative media did report on some of his junkets to Jackson Hole, Hyannisport, the Hamptons, etc -- surprise, they were expensive, and strangely, deadly.

Lots of people had a tendency to die around the Clinton's ... Vince Foster and Ron Brown (mentioned in the previous link) were just the most famous. There was a regular cottage industry of Clinton murder mysteries -- I'm just wating to see that developing around Trump from the left! Here is a nice list ... many of them were ruled suicides. If you woke up and found out you had made friends with the Clinton's, what would YOU do?

Anyway, the press didn't complain so much about how much W's frequent trips to the ranch COST, they just HATED going down there ... and of course they hated W, so it was BAD!

Then BO, whom the conservative press kept lots of records of cost, days off, golf outings, etc on.

Ho hum.

It is sad that anyone cares about this "issue".

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