Thursday, April 20, 2017

US Debt vs Global Warming

The Problem No One in DC Wants to Talk About  |  Ricochet:

Does anyone want to bet what the biggest problem for the US will be for the next 20 years? Global Warming or Debt?

Well, we are still closer to an ice age than a record warm period accoring to the Greenland ice cores.

BOistanis in their wisdom however find that Climate Change is more important than the economy ... they don't really care if they are poor comparted to if they are cold. They want to be cold rather than warm at all costs!

I'm betting that they really haven't thought cold and poor through as much as they think they have, and that after a few brown outs, 50% inflation, 60% unemployment and such vs a few tenths of a climate degree, they will have second thoughts.

Let's hope it isn't too late.

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