Sunday, May 21, 2017

5 Major "Liberal" Myths

The 5 Biggest Things Liberals Get Wrong About Themselves - John Hawkins:

Nothing new here, however a good cut at a top 5 ... he backs them up well, go look if you don't find them obvious.

  1. Liberals are better/smarter than everyone else. 
  2. Liberals are victims
  3. Liberals are rebellious
  4. Liberals are tolerant
  5. Liberals are for progress 

The biggest thing that hits me is how BAD the stolen term "Liberal" is as a label. "Statist" is much better term.

What we have a self-proclaimed and self-perpetuatiing "elite" of bullies that slavishly push old policies that have been proven to be disasterous for decades. Their coin is POWER, and if they can't get it at the ballot box, violence is fine with them -- because they KNOW that they are the most moral and intelligent beings to ever live, and if you refuse to recognize that, you must be FORCED to acknowlege it!

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