Monday, May 22, 2017

Anonymous Sources, Not Interested

"... according to two current and two former officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private communications with the president."

I've reached the end of any interest in "anonymous". If they don't have a person with a name that it can be attributed , I have LESS than no interest. The "former officials" are supposed to be BO officials. They have bad things to say about Trump? REALLY? And they are not willing to be named? What the Hell! They would be HEROES for their tribe if they only identified themselves! Of course then their story could be checked out ... uh, oh.

So why not just make up some specific text of "collusion"? I've long suspected that the "Dan Rather memo" was an in-house CBS creation that they got caught at. I mean can't the Deep State just produce a "transcript" and say the digital call record was "lost"? Heck, the IRS "lost" 24 THOUSAND e-mails to save the IRS when they targeted conservatives. ANYTHING can be "lost" in the Deep State.

What part of NO FAITH AT ALL in government is it that is hard to understand? Do I "trust Trump"? Not really -- I don't really "trust" anyone that would take a job in BOistan government. We are in a DEEP hole. Do I WANT to believe that Trump is a "great guy with a vision that can slay all the Deep State dragons and get us out of this hole?" Sure ... and I want to believe that my Blog will be "discovered" and somebody will start paying be $200K a year to write a column a week too!

I've had a lot of "wants" over the years ... and am practical enough to realize that mostly they are not going to be reality!

Why DO we even allow "anonymous sources"? If we all quit accepting ANY media story that credits such against ANY target as anything but fiction, we would all be better off. If you follow FAR more than "anonymous sources" against Slick Willie, he would definitely be eating off a tin tray and have bunch of  very real loving boyfriends. 

So from now on, I replace "anonymous sources" with "space aliens". I don't care if you have 1 of them or 100's. If they are anonymous, I don't care no matter what the charge -- rape, murder, etc. I accept no testimony from space aliens.

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