Tuesday, May 23, 2017

BO vs Trump, A Case Study

A little long, but well worth the time. I've covered most of it, but Hanson lays it out very well showing why is an accomplished "somebody" writer and I am a nobody. Lots of it is worth the time ... a teaser.

Obama was degreed but not educated; he could not pronounce “corpsmen,” had no idea how many states there were in the Union, and thought Hawaii was in Asia and the Falklands Islands off the coast of India. The media demurred — based in some cases on the finery of Obama’s pants crease or his rhetorical ability to cause electrical sensations in one’s leg — and announced him a god, the smartest president ever to enter office. Obama himself in 2008 buffoonishly announced his power to lower global temperatures and the seas, and declared himself more adroit than all his own political handlers and aides in all of their respective jobs.
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