Thursday, May 04, 2017

Historty, Hatred, Civil Wars, The Liberal Mind

Trump’s woefully ignorant beliefs about the Civil War and Andrew Jackson - The Washington Post:

Understanding the liberal mind is one of my passions. The key is nearly always "consistency is NOT an issue" ... in fact, it is typically seen as something to be avoided from the left. It estabilishes truth as being contextual and fungible and therefore allows many times failed collectivist doctrines to be seen as "new and untried". 

Consistency is a basic human problem/challenge -- the two logical ways to handle it are to attempt to achieve it, or deny that it is possible, and by extension to "feel good", not desireable. 

In this case, nearly anyone that has scratched the surface of American HIstory, in which the Civil War looms large, has wondered "Why here?" ... slavery died around the world with increasing moral outrage and application of technology to slave tasks. Yet here it meant war. 

The left TYPICALLTY finds war to be justifiably abhorrent -- nearly any level of negoitaion / bargaining / even capitulation is considered superior to the application of violence. 

I DO understand the current level of left wing emotional hatred of Trump, and in this instance, that seems clearly operative. Trump said it, we hate Trump, ergo ... 

I'm a follower of NPR as part of my balanced media diet. I commend them as to not being willing to abandon all intellectual honesty and even stand by quietly. because they know better. 

The "dumbing down" of America since the 1950s has led us on a direct path to where we are today. The courage of those on both sides to do what NPR did in this case is probably the only way out without the current "Cold Civil War" turning unfortunately "hot". I pray that eventually we follow such wisdom.

In an interview that aired Monday, President Trump…

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