Sunday, May 07, 2017

Mind Numbing Reality and Opposition

Before Trump was elected, I covered the fact that he would be strongly opposed from BOTH SIDES ... Democrats and Republicans have been in power in DC for a LONG time, and they BOTH like power. They also like to use that power to improve the lives of themselves and their friends, so lots of cushy appointed positions have been added to our behemoth federal ship of state.

If you want your mind numbed, read through the linked column of some of the "missing":

At the State Department, Rex Tillerson is operating with 110 fewer presidential appointees than he should be. He’s missing a deputy secretary, a chief financial officer, an undersecretary for management, an assistant secretary for legislative affairs, an assistant secretary for intelligence, a coordinator for counter-terrorism, a representative to the European Union, and a special envoy for North Korea. There are no ambassadors to Germany, Canada, France, the Holy See, India, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, or South Korea, and there is no permanent representative to NATO.
I'm not sure I can complete my day knowing that we are missing an ambassador to the Holy See!

This particular article is from National Review -- it is mildly suspicious of Trump's competence relative to this ... many of those on the left are SCATHING! Total confirmation that Trump is massively incompetent!

Usually, in order to judge something like this we need to ask the Henny Youngman question "How's your wife?" .... "Compared to what?". Due to the wonder of the internet, it is very easy to find such comparative material. Here is some from the NY Times, May 2nd 2013, a similar time into the SECOND term of BO.

Hmm, so we have media writing articles about something that looks to be an issue in at least all recent administrations, and we are to be concerned? So what do we glean from this?

  1. Our government is so huge it is beyond human comprehension. EVERYONE is lost ... the media, the population, the government bureaucrats themselves, etc. 
  2. Media primarily sells words and they have to keep churning them out all the time -- left, right, etc, it is words, words, words, and any level of PERSPECTIVE, let alone "wisdom" is completely lacking. 
  3. So here we are, left on our own to try to figure it out ... therefore, NEVER trust the media, ANY media! 

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