Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nixon, Slick, Trump, Lucy

In the early '70s, at what then Democrats considered the nadir of their power, having fallen from owning the presidency, plus huge majorities in congress including over 60 votes in the Senate during most of the '60s, to losing the presidency in a landslide to Nixon for a second term, the Satanic Political Grail was discovered -- "Scandal and Coverup".

It is a brilliant strategy really -- always applicable as long as political power is your only objective and you are willing to destroy your very nation to get it. It only requires a "leak" (or a news outlet willing to imagine a "leak"), enough media and political people to keep the story going, a public willing to rely on the word of a felon (most of the base leaks are felonies) over the word of their elected officials, and as we have seen over the last 40 years, a political party stupid enough to not understand Lucy from Charlie Brown.

Sometime around '92 after "Iran Contra" had drug on from the '80s long enough for an indictment of Cap Weinberger to be issued 4 days before the '92 election, the Charlie Brown of political parties -- the R's, figured out that Lucy and the Democrats have similar interests.

One of the key "Lucy questions" is as follows":
"To the central question, are there Republicans who have the guts to challenge Trump and one day go to the White House la Nixon, like Barry Goldwater, Hugh Scott and Robert Griffith and tell him in person: "It's time to go.""

This is where Slick Willie enters the picture.  While Nixon may or may not have committed any crimes, the "standard" that the supposedly highly concerned and moral D's and the MSM had established was "lying to the public, and doing a coverup". Such a standard was asserted to be "patriotic and bi-partisan", however the Slick Willie affair (pun intended) would give us total proof it was not.

There aren't any Democrats that put the nation ahead of political power, so perjury, direct lies to the American people, any sort of "decency" as a presidential standard, etc went completely out the window in the late '90s. The D's and the MSM (but I repeat myself) made it clear that this idea of "courage" in this context was actually a one way street that they were willing to laughingly call "courage" when R's hung themselves, but nothing  that a D ever even considered. ("Democrat Morals" see situational, see oxymoron, see power)

So, under BO, lying about films causing Ambassadors to be killed, using the IRS to attack your politcal opponents, extra Constitutional exec orders, spending funds never appropriated by Congress, being sued, and losing, etc, etc became "business as usual". Not even worth having a discussion with the D's about enforcing the Constitution -- that isn't something they do. POWER is their game! 24K emails show up missing at the IRS and Lois Lerner takes the 5th? Ho hum ... what parts of Deep State, D,  and MSM do you not understand?

And thus we descended into and now live in BOistan.

Firing an FBI Director is actually completely within the scope of a president's authority -- if you check carefully, the FBI is under the executive branch. When Slick Willie fired William Sessions on July 19th, '93,  it was such a sad event that it caused Vince Foster to commit suicide. The Snopes attempt to call the FACT that the firing happened one day before old Vince turned up dead is a "mixture of true and false", BECAUSE there **IS** no suspicion involved! How true your "fact" **is** from the left depends on how unfortunate it may be -- if it is really unfortunate, enven direct facts like dates are only "mixed". (also, your definition of "is")

As my readers know, we live in a country where "facts" are now completely partisan. It is extremely true that correlation does not equal causality. It does not however follow that correlation is completely un-interesting when one party is involved and total proof of wrongdoing if the other is implicated.

In our present insane universe, "where there is smoke there is fire" has to first be poltically tested -- D involved? Smoke unrelated to fire. R involved? Truism stands -- GOTTA be SOMETHING there!

The Deep State is in "go for it mode" -- probably up to guys like "we do whatever it takes for the media to like us" Johnny McCain if they can take Trump down. We knew this would happen after all ...

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