Sunday, May 14, 2017

None Blacker Than 11, Comey

The end of America and the entrance to BOistan was a painful time, however we have lived in a "joke of a stan" for at least 3 years now. If one can't enjoy dark political humor, there is really none left.

I found the BO years to be the "Wizard of Oz" presidency, perhaps "Spinal Tap" is the metaphor for this one. For those of you unaware, just watch it, a little refresher ...

The video in the linked article is a worthy watch for perspective -- or really for an introduction to lack thereof. If the "stupid party" (R) has learned anything since Watergate (and that is always doubtful) it ought to be that "The Party" (TP-D) assumes it is the RULING PARTY at all times, because if nothing else it owns the "Deep State" -- all the alphabet soup of agencies including DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA, etc, and naturally, they are at WAR with Trump. If the R's don't stay solid, TP wins again.

McCain will blather -- he loves the sound of his own voice a little bit more when there is a microphone in front of him, and apparently his true genius is fratricide, but if the party has a LICK of sense, this will be a complete yawn -- go on with some boring "investigations", let the D's continue to stew in their own juices.

As soon as an R is elected, there ought to be a ticker running on the news stations all the time "Democrats seek Special Prosecutor" ... does the "reason" really matter?

Hey, at least we know "this is it", this is as dark as it gets ... "worse than Watergate", the previous darkest of all -- the sun actually came up here in Rochester this AM. I'm certain that DC looks like Mordor, I wish they would put out some video of the big eye on top of the Washington Monument, that would be COOL!

When Comey testified that he decided to close the investigation of Hillary because Slick and Lynch met, that was enough for me.

I find that Scott Adams has an interesting view as always here ...

Now we have a bizarre situation in which both sides (Demcrats and Republicans) wanted Comey fired, but they had different reasons for wanting it. Democrats were upset that he might have torpedoed Hillary Clinton’s campaign by talking about the Weiner laptop discovery of additional Clinton emails close to Election Day. And Republicans hated Comey for not pursuing a criminal case against Clinton for her email server misdeeds. That’s the perfect set-up for cognitive dissonance. I’ll explain: 
Democrats and the Opposition Media reflexively oppose almost everything President Trump does. This time he gave them something they wanted, badly, but not for the reason they wanted. That’s a trigger. It forces anti-Trumpers to act angry in public that he did the thing they wanted him to do. And they are.
I wonder along with I think everyone (Trump himself?) if he truly has an agenda beyond "stirring the pot and getting a lot of attention".  I agree he is a "master persuader" as Adams points out, the question is what is the persuasion about vs "hey, look at me!".

What Trump does every day is hold the mirror of our own national tribalism up to our faces as I covered here.

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