Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Raised Weiner Points At Hildebeast

Weiner raised again | Power Line:

One of my emotional proofs of the existence of God is stories like "The Weiner".

What are the odds in a universe of the highly unlikely, where the odds against our existence have been calculated by our best scientists to be 10 with HUNDREDS of zreros AGAINST us even existing, that a man named "Weiner" would keep showing up in Democrat politics, and he is married to the chief aide to their presidential candidate? Who also has a guy with "weiner problems" as a spouse.

Prior to Trump, I would have said that it COULD NOT happen on the Republican side, because there, you are destroyed if you mis-spell "potato"  (of course the "funny" part is that even major newspapers often spelled it "potatoe" up until '92!). There are now new rules FOR TRUMP ... somehow. I'm not sure anyone has really figured out why that is ... but naturally, I've tried.

God exists AND he has a sense of humor!

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