Thursday, May 18, 2017

Science Leads Scientists To Find Themselves Superior

Is this why Stephen Hawking doesn't believe in God? - CNET:

In a majopr confirmation of confirmation bias, scientists have followed the well trod path of bees, birds and wildebeast in finding their own kind most attractive.

Scientists have declared intelligence (as they define it)  the most important feature of human development, and have declared themselves the top of the evolutionary pyramid.

"New research from the Ulster Institute for Social Research in Northern Ireland and Rotterdam University in the Netherlands examined the "robust negative association between religion and intelligence.""
"The Pope is Stupid, God is so stupid he doesn't exist, and we are pretty sure that chicks will dig us because we are smart now",  said Dr Dweezle Waznuski. "I've never been able to actually work up the nerve to talk to a girl before, but I'm pretty certain that I'm going to get very lucky now and smart scientists like me will take over the world!"

Previously, the "smarter set" has been slightly shall we say "unlucky at love", but PHDs in labcoats everywhere hailed these results as "nearly certain to turn the tide"!

The researchers concluded that religion is an evolved instinct, while intelligence "involves rising above our instincts." After all, intelligence and all that comes with it does often involve controlling our instincts in order to allow our minds to reach rational conclusions.

When Dr Waznuski was asked if producing offspring was a rational choice or an instinct, he became very confused and started to sob, causing the interview to end.

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