Friday, May 26, 2017

The Office Of Ecclesiastical Purity

Reading this article gives a little bit of insight into why even SKIMMING the swamp in DC is a task of difficulty levels that defy imagination.

There are few better examples than the EPA post of Scientific Integrity Official. (Yes, that is an actual job title.) The position is a legacy of Barack Obama, who at his 2009 inaugural promised to “restore science to its rightful place”—his way of warning Republicans that there’d be no more debate on climate change or other liberal environmental priorities.
When the State **IS** the "church" and one of it's major tenets is faith in "Anthropogenic Climate Change" (ACC) ...  I still await the "official encyclical" which replaces AGW "Anthropogenic Global Warming" with the more current ACC, since ANY difference in "weather or climate" (interchangeable when used by proper "scientists") is now assumed to be anthropogenic.

The huge CA drought was due to ACC, now the heavy rains are also due to ACC. We assured that AGW caused Katrina and that we would be breaking hurricane records until it cooled -- only then we broke records for NOT having hurricanes, which was also attributed to ACC. From heavy snows to no snows, or from record breaking cold to record breaking warmth are due to ACC. What part of "change" is it that you are missing?

More weather instability is due to ACC as is more stability (like droughts lasting years). ACC explains everything!

When you run a religion (especially one without a Living God) keeping your message pure is critical. Apostates, heretics, deniers, and other vermin must be rooted out at all costs, and if possible made to suffer. Certainly this has been well understood since ancient times, so it is no real surprise to see it ongoing in the case of "The Party" (TP-D) and its State Religion of "Progressivism (regressivism)".

You have to love the left -- they pull no punches and there is no amount of other people's money that they will not spend in their cause -- and why not. It has always been so for true believers.

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