Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Trump, 2016 Election, Media

Donald Trump can't stop talking (and talking) about the 2016 election - CNNPolitics.com:

You have to love the media -- story after story about how "Trump can't stop talking/thinking about 2016" ... and they are certain that it is going to HURT him bigtime (you know how the MSM is always concerned about what is best for Trump!).

Here is the NY Times with BO in Missouri in July of 2010, a full year and 1/2 after his narrow loss in Missouri while taking the presidency in 2008. Strangely, the Times seems to be very OK with BO thinking about 2008 in 2010, and even making extensive trips to Missouri based on the 2008 results.

I suppose one conclusion could be that the media loves Trump and hated BO, so they are trying to help Trump now by pointing out the error of his ways, while back in 2010, they hated BO, so they faked like it was a good idea to waste time on Missouri based on 2008 results.

Or it might be the reverse -- which I believe.

Further evidence for either my view or the thought that the liberal press is of AT LEAST two minds is this artiicle headlined "Democrats Say They Know Exactly Why Hillary Lost". Hint, it's not Russians, it is low black turnout and BO voters that crossed over to Trump, possibly by way of Sanders.` I could SWEAR I've read more than a few retrospecitves of the 2016 election from the left. If they can't give up thinking about it is it REALLY any surprise that Trunp hasn't?

How many presidents quit thinking and talking  about their great victories before they die? I'd say NONE. Obviously, the MSM will continue remembering BO's victories as they remember Slick Willie's victories very fondly for a very long time. Reagan's victories, W's victories, and now Trump's victory are naturally hated.

What is new about any of this? Nothing ...

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