Friday, June 30, 2017

A Worthy Ammo Grrrll, Voter Fraud

Thoughts from the ammo line | Power Line:

"Ammo Grrrl" is a weekly feature on Power Line ... this weeks is worth reading as she talks of a foolish college age foray into S Chicago as a "Poll Watcher"  ... it is informational and entertaining, just read it.

She mentions a study on 5.7 million illegals voting in 2008, here is the article on it if you are interested.

Very hard to even imagine "facts" on this topic -- it is like estimating how many rats you have around if you see one running. According to Pew Research, there are like 11 million illegals in the US as of 2015. Also according to Pew, 56% of eligible voters vote in the US. So illegals would be a little less likely to vote. I suppose that it would also mean that ACTUAL legal US voters are even less likely to vote, because like 5 or 6 million of those supposed "voters" are actually illegal votes.

It sounds like over 20 states have already indicated that they refuse to send data in for the federal investigation of voter fraud ... if one used the same logic used by the media every time Trump refuses to show some information; "if he doesn't want to share it, he must be guilty", then I guess that would be "proof" of some guilty states.

My view is that without picture voter ID, there is no way at all to even begin to imagine the level of fraud. The US is one of the few developed countries not requiring voter ID -- both Canada and Mexico do. This "Poltifact" is a rather funny demonstration of how left these "fact checkers" really are. If "Politifact" claims that BO is only "half right", it means that he is lying through his teeth as usual.

The fact that Democrats fight voter ID tells me all I need to know about voter fraud -- it is massive and VERY important to Democrats!

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