Thursday, June 22, 2017

Can't They Both Lose?

Russian Interference Doesn’t Require Trump’s Involvement | National Review:

Football season is close.  When two NFC N teams that are not the Packers square off against each other, my typical hope is that they both lose.  I DON'T wish for them to both have a lot of injuries because I love football, I played football, and I was injured in football -- injuries are part of the game, but I can't bring myself to hope for them.

I can however applaud the Crips and the Bloods shooting each other -- it's pretty much guaranteed to reduce overall violence. If China and North Korea want to get into a shooting war, or China and Russia for that matter, worse things could happen. I STRONGLY suspect that the Rusians, like me and pretty much everyone else in the world -- including Trump and Hillary, assumed that Hillary was going to win.

That is why BO (and the entire MSM) was on record even in late October telling us that any concerns about the elections being manipulated or "rigged" were totally false! He assumed Hillary would win, Democrats would win or come close to winning the Senate, and he wanted to be sure that Hillaries likely "landslide" was duly noted by what he expected to be a much diminished opposition. Hey, the weekend before the elction, Ron Johnson was dead in WI according to polls -- he won by nearly 4 points and I doubt the Russians did it. Ooops.

I think the Russians similarly erred -- they assumed they would get a weakened Hillary, but one that could clearly be purchased as they had done with the N American urainium payoff to the Clinton Fund. Nobody is perfect -- however, damaging Americans faith in our own elections is definitely positive for Russia, no matter who wins. We really don't need any help destroying ourselves, but one can't blame the Russians for doing what they can.

Some Russia-watchers believe that the goal of the 2016 Russian campaign shenanigans was not to elect Trump but to damage Clinton before her election. That would make a certain kind of sense: Putin does not want a President Trump or a President Clinton — he wants an American president so hamstrung by political rancor, personal weakness, and petty venality that American leadership around the world is compromised. Mission accomplished.

Naturally, the Democrats and a whole lot of the Republican party as well as 99% of the folks inside the beltway in DC are more than happy to play into the Russians hands if they can ever IMAGINE it hurts Trump! They have a pretty darned good scam going, and keeping it going is their HIGHEST priority by a REALLY long shot!

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