Saturday, June 10, 2017

Comey, Profiles in Bureaucracy

Comey Ordered Leak of Own Memo to Spur Special Counsel Probe | National News | US News:

The term "appparatchik" comes to mind as I observe Comey. It used to be a common term used relative to officials of the USSR -- strong Communist Party members that worked in the state bureaucracy. "The Party" (TP-D) is socialist rather than communist at this point, however they don't seem to have much love of private property, so I assume that socialist is just as far as they are willing to go at present.

If one wants to know what a DC swamp creature looks like, Comey is a great example. Self serving to a fault,  master at "CYA" (Cover Your Ass), lies impeccably and of course a loyal member of TP. Here is a more perfect picture of "apparatchik / swamp thing".

So he proudly volunteers! that he created a memo that was properly "declassified" and then  leaked it in hopes that it would initiate a special prosecutor! Marvelous. If anyone foolishly had any doubt that the Deep State alphabet angency arms of TP are manufacturing anything they possibly can to take down Trump, this is way more than plenty to show what the Deep State is up to!

Newt covers it well in this article, a teaser:

So, what we have here is a fired FBI director, who leaked private material to the press, so he could get his friend appointed as a special counsel in order to take retribution on the President – with the aid of a department full of federal lawyers who would have rather seen Hillary in the White House. And we are supposed to believe this will be an objective, unbiased investigation?

The unaccountable Administrative State breeds things like Comey -- it MUST be made to be accountable if we are to return to being America, let alone become great again!

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