Monday, June 19, 2017

Eat The Rich 1%! (... And The Next 19% Too)

Stop Pretending You’re Not Rich -

As someone that grew up in the lower 50% income strata and now fits in the upper 20% most of the time, this article is great reading. Socialism is never really satisfied until the 99% are "minimally fed, minimally housed, minimally educated (indoctrinated), minimally entertained, and maximally indentured to the perpetual service of the state. Hope is the eternal enemy of socialism, and the left is already WELL down the road to killing it.

The chattering classes and elite assume that they will be in that top 1% with ALL the power, privilege and perks, while the rest of the vermin will be suitably "classless" in all meanings of the word. Turns out that most of them are wrong about making the 1%, but typically they will find that out with a bullet to back of the head, so at least they will never have to admit they were wrong.

This article makes it VERY clear that the top 1% of the current "corrupt system" are not the only ones that have to give, and give mightily -- the other 19% that make up the top 20% have got to surrender as well! Viva La Sameness!

Progressive policies, whether on zoning or school admissions or tax reform, all too often run into the wall of upper-middle-class opposition. Self-interest is natural enough. But the people who make up the American upper middle class don’t just want to keep their advantages; armed with their faith in a classless, meritocratic society, they think they deserve them. The strong whiff of entitlement coming from the top 20 percent has not been lost on everyone else.
This article of course targets the "top 20%", but lets face it, the maw of socialism is not satisfied until there is an absolutely flat hopeless 99% totally unarmed and totally under "public" (1%) control. "Progressive" (regressive) policies have not run their course until 99% of the population is living in concrete mauseleums reeking of urine and standing slack jawed in line waiting the days vodka or weed ration and whatever meager scraps the state feels are a decent diet.

When I was growing up, my father told me that us little people never had a chance -- it was not possible to move up the economic ladder, it was rigged. Many people I knew in my youth believed that, and they likely still do -- such prophecies tend to have a way of being VERY self fullfilling. The elite would like to convince you that the only "just" society is one where only the elite gets to "have their cake and eat it to". And, naturally castigate even their fellow "20%ers" for not being pure enough comrades ... obviously those fools thinking that they can send their kids to expensive private schools and still retain full comrade status are not true to the cause and will be purged.

The only "merit" socialists recognize is being smart and ruthless enough to become one of the overlords like a BO or the Clinton Crime Family. You make any money outside of politics, and you ought not be able to lead because of the "emouluments clause" of the Constitution (man they LOVE obscure pieces of that document when they feel they suit them!) Why "emouluments" is almost as popular with the puppetmasters this year as "misogyny" was last year!

If you are above the bottom 20%, they will be coming for you -- just give them time. Ah, the smell urine, untreated sewage and miscellaneous smoke -- the smell of SOCIALISM!

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