Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fake Media Navel Gazing, CNN Firings

OPINION: Will the media learn from CNN's mistakes? Prepare to be disappointed | TheHill:

It isn't everyday that the Fake Media (FM) admits that they are fake. CNN pulled one of their especially fake stories under threat of being sued and fired 3 reporters to boot. Probably the most direct admission of fake news since Gunga Dan Rather got the axe for using fake documents to attempt to smear W before his SECOND election. Birther accusations of Kenyan BO may have been "bad", but at least they weren't being pushed by an anchor on a major network!

The funniest part of the birther allegations is that when BO first put out his "Dreams" book, where he proudly delcares his identiy as "Luao Tribesman", **HE** indicated he was born in Kenya and raised in Hawaii, since it made him seem more "exotic". Hey ... "truth"? I think we have figured out that is all a VERY relative concept at this point!

The general media is just another ham handed propaganda branch of "The Party" (TP-D) ... Russia did it ... REALLY, you can trust us!!

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