Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Georgia, Most Important Election Since Watergate ... Isn't

As Democrats rolled millions into Georgia 6, NPR, NY Times, WaPo and the rest of the media media became positively giddy that THIS was the point and which the tide really turned against the evil Trump.

Tuesday’s runoff between Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District will decide what has become the most expensive House campaign in history — and quite possibly the most consequential special election since Watergate.
Today, it isn't important at all, because, well, the Demcrat lost. The "importance" only worked one direction because the MSM was all set to use the Democrat winning result to put out thousands of stories about how "this proved Trump is WEAK", "The tide has turned against him", "Now Republicans will abandon him to save their own skins in 2018", "The Democrats will take the House in 2018!", "Trump  will be impeached"! ... and so it would have gone.

So how is it possible that an event has meaning only in one political direction? The answer of course is that in the real world, it ISN'T! If it was really true that the R's losing GA 6 would have all sorts of meaning, then it is ALSO true that them winning has the OPPOSITE meaning.

But we don't live in the "real world", we live in "The Party" (TP-D) world ... BOistan, where "reality" is just what TP says it is -- nothing more, nothing less. Only ... maybe not! That is the true message of Trump. Even though TP still controls the MSM and the Deep State, and both are in constant war with Trump, in the actual real world, Trump is STILL winning! There is still a tiny ray of hope that the Deep State isn't as deep as they thought they were, and the MSM doesn't have as many people buying their fake reality as they thought they did!

It is constantly obvious that reality is simply not something TP deals in if you pay just a little attention.

And while Democrats badly wanted a win, coming close four times should be enough to spook Republicans facing competitive re-election battles, said Zac Petkanas, who ran Hillary Clinton's rapid response team.
"The fact that all these races were close should have any member of the GOP who won by less than 15 points absolutely terrified," he said.
When your team goes 0-4, the kind of "confidence" you exude tends to be a bit hollow. Your "facts" have the strong scent of fake news. That your opponents are "absolutely terrified" is maybe just a tiny bit on the wishful side.

TP keeps bringing up Watergate for good reason. It was the point at which the Deep State and MSM first flexed their muscles and took down a sitting president over nothing. They were confident in what they thought was the unlikely event that Republicans ever took the presidency again, they could easily repeat their coup. Presidential elections no longer really mattered -- they would simply impeach any R that didn't dance as a Deep State marionette. In '74, TP was CONFIDENT that the US was really a single party state already, and "cleanup" is all they had left.

Their assumption in those days was that the House would NEVER fall into Republican hands again -- they felt they had gerrymandered, locked in pork and constituencies to the level where it just could not be pulled from their hands. They bever thought of Newt Gingrich however! GA 6 is Newt's old district -- believe me, EVERYONE would know that today if the D's had prevailed!

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