Thursday, June 29, 2017

HCA, More Zero From B Zero

Obamacare Probably Didn’t Save Any Lives | National Review:

If BO had been an R, "B Zero" would likely be one of the common names used to denigrate him. Actually, "Zero" is WAY too kind! $10 T in new federal debt, 600 B every year in cost of new reguations, plus the hugely costly and ineffective BOcare.

The linked NR article is well worth reading -- some fairly solid figures about a topic that the MSM likes to blow only smoke at. Under BO and BOcare, life expectancy in the US **DROPPED** for the first time in 22 years. Life expectancy dropped, suicide deaths rose, overdose deaths rose -- the BO age of hopelessness and no change in pockets in BOistan certainly COST lives.The idea that BOcare "helped" is pure instanity -- it "helped" destroy the US insurance and healthcare industry, thus prepping more people for the idea that "Single Payer" ( everyone pays, people that can afford real healthcare pay for the public system and then pay to use the private system to get actual healthcare) is the "only way to go".

The litte video in this article is well worth the watch.

People will DIE!

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