Sunday, June 18, 2017

Killing A Black Icon

Men have sexual appetites that get us into all sorts of trouble. I'd wager that there is really not a SINGLE man in history beyond Christ who has not done SOMETHING stupid to get sex. Given into a demand he never should have, failed to address some family issue, dated the wrong woman too long, dated a woman he never should have dated at all, etc, etc -- the list is infinite.

The problem with powerful men goes back to King David and byond ... JFK, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Bill O'Reilly ... long list, nuff said. Power tends to make the problem worse, but it is a problem that all men understand, but sometimes claim they don't.

So most likely Bill Cosby was a bad actor for many decades. His fame allowed him to get all sorts of access to attractive women, and at some point he started "stacking the deck" with alcohol and drugs. Most likely. We will likely never have a "proven case", because for a long long time the women never came forward. They most likely willingly went to a private location with him, all of them knowing he was a married man because he was so famous, and "things happened" -- and he was famous, married, and it was "he said, she said".

At one point Bill Cosby was the "Jackie Robinson of television".
“Let the message be known to bigots and racists that they don’t count,” Cosby said after winning his third Emmy. 
Thompson said in many ways Cosby was to television what Jackie Robinson was to baseball. 
“Most people don’t realize now how important Cosby’s role on ‘I Spy’ was,” the pop culture expert said. “He wasn’t singing or dancing or doing an 'Amos ‘n’ Andy' routine. He was an attractive, Princeton–educated character and he was the star, something most Americans had never seen before.”
"The Cosby Show" however drove him to true icon status.
Cosby became a living, breathing rebuff to the stereotype of fatherless African-American families. But he also had to contend with tragedy when his son Ennis was murdered in 1997, the victim of a botched robbery. He had been the model for Theo Huxtable, the underachieving young charmer Malcolm-Jamal Warner played on "The Cosby Show."

He was awarded the Medal of Freedom by W in 2002, and the left started to dislike him A LOT. He was talking about blacks having "personal responsibility", and THAT is something that "The Party" (TP-D) can't allow. Blacks killing blacks at horrendous rates is A-ok, and blacks rioting about a handful of blacks killed by police in the line of duty is GREAT since it asserts that blacks are "oppressed", and "not redeemable", and must therefore be wards of TP for all eternity. Just what TP wants!

Bill Clinton was not destroyed by raping Juanita Broderick because he remained in good standing with TP. Cosby crossed the line and attempted to become some sort of "role model" that could have actually helped black culture, lifting it out of the slavery to TP, and THAT could not be allowed, so Cosby had to be destroyed. 

Did he deserve it? Maybe, however certainly no more than Bill Clinton deserved the same sort of destruction. You, your race, your religion, your culture, EVERYTHING lives or dies at the pleasure of TP. You may have sown the seeds of your own destruction, but there is certainly no requirement that you be destroyed, AS LONG AS YOU MARCH TO THE TP TUNE!  How hard is it to get some set of women to come forward and make accusations? Pretty much all the media and the Clinton Crime Family told us it was HIGHLY probable if such accusations were against Slick Willie. 

Cosby had to be destroyed, and getting a conviction in court is beside the point. He left the TP plantation and talked about blacks being full fledged responsible citizens. For TP to remain in power, that can't happen, blacks MUST stay on the TP plantation! For Cosby's sin of thinking he was a full citizen, he had to be destroyed!

"Truth" is totally irrelevant when TP decides to have it's way with you.

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