Friday, June 16, 2017

Political Violence, When It Matters and Doesn't

New York Times Hits a New Low | Power Line:

Yesterday was our 32nd anniversary, and it was one of those days that it is clear that we don't live in America anymore.

There has been plenty of poltical violence in my lifetime; JFK, RFK, MLK, there was an attempt on Gerald Ford, Reagan was wounded, Gabby Giffords was grieviously wounded, and now Steve Sclaise.

The left wing worked very hard to make JFK a victim of southern racism -- SOMEHOW it HAD to be there was a conspiracy of southern racists / John Birch Society / CIA / ??? that did it rather than an ex-Marine defector to the USSR that they didn't want who had visited the KGB in Mexico city a month before. Hey, the USSR were the GOOD guys from a left wing view after all!

Sure there were all sorts of racial shootings in the south -- all by Democrats. Kind of like Muslims, BLM, the folks in black ski masks, the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, etc. Democrats making common cause with totalitarian groups that have very violent tendencies is not new at all. From a media perspective, the right is so evil that violent revolution is always an option that bubbles close to the surface -- it pretty much HAS to given the existential threat of there being people that don't agree with Democrats!

The Times re-states the fable that Gabby Giffords shooter, Loughner was somehow "right wing", or Sarah Palin's rehotoric somehow "influenced him" ... as Power Line points out, simply another fake news scurriloous lie. Where has the Times been while "commedians" have been holding lifelike severed heads of the president, and facism, Hitler, etc have become the daily diet of not just left wing polticians and assorted loonies, but the whole MSM as well? Conservatives are being attacked on campuses and in the streets by thugs in black ski masks. Earth to BOistan, hello?

When I got up yesterday and looked at news, Google still had the critical condition of Scalaise at the top and discussion of the shooting. CNN had moved over to Comey's friend Mueller now "widening" the "investigation" to to included "obstruction of justice" using all lawyers who made contributions to the Clinton Fund -- "Cash, for Clintons".

What a surprise. MPR had an hour with Paula Poundstone on "being happy" ... not much reason to talk about an evil R being gunned down. When Gabby was hit, it was wall to wall news, which was appropriate, but it was also the constant assertion (unknown at that point) that it was all due to "Sarah Palin and the Tea Party". That was incorrect, however there is nothing like making Democratic propaganda before the light of truth shines on anything!

A sitting majority whip in critical condition after being shot by a Bernie Sanders political activist didn't make it into day two at the top of the Clinton News Network mast -- we return you to regularly scheduled efforts to overturn the election!

I wrote about this in 2012 as "The Right of the Left"  ... they find resorting to violence to be "understandable" given how nasty the R's are (yet try to pretend they don't),  while they go to ANY length to try to make it seem like the "right" is violent.

It isn't enough to lie about Tuscon. The Tines has to take this opportunity to lie about the results of armed citizens protecting themselves saying "studies say they usually hit bystanders". Really? Name one CASE, let alone "study". Our lovely left wing media is on a hair trigger to identifiy ANY failing of concealed permit holders or other armed citizens. Other then in Nowhere Nevada or something, we would all KNOW of the case(s). Take a look at this.

If you are going to do fake news, one would think you would at least TRY to do a reasonable job of the fakery ... find some bogus poorly written "study" that is impossible to follow and link it. Hell, you might as well link to the left wing fever swamp of the Daily Kos or something as a "source" that Loughner was an avid Tea Partier in perfect mental health. Why, just the day before he shot Gabby he worked the Time's crossword puzzle! Please prove he DIDN'T!

Here is a good NR column covering the same ground and more. The left has been looking for the right wing equivalent of James Hodgskinson for DECADES! Eventually they will likely find one so they can quit faking it. Can we all just yawn now?

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