Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Satan's Dirty Laundry, "Ghost"

Hell on Earth! Satanic Band Files Suit Citing Dreary Work Conditions - WSJ:

Being a nameless ghoul has it's downside ...

Afterwards, one of the Nameless Ghouls was tasked with cleaning the band’s gamey vestments in his apartment building’s communal washing machine in Sweden. 
“It was like getting the whole football team’s dirty wash,” Martin Persner, the former Ghoul, said in an interview. Minutes from a band meeting included with court documents noted him raising concerns about the dank wardrobe situation and asking if it was possible to do laundry at the concert venues. Mr. Persner, a longtime Ghost guitarist who left the band last year, didn’t join the other Ghouls in filing suit.
The Satanic cry of Paradise Lost, "Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven" is only SATAN's cry. Apparently, either on Earth or Hell, serving as a nameless ghoul is not that much of a picnic.

Ah, the rebel cry of Satan. "We refuse to submit to the clean, the pure, the light"! ... oh, but does this laundry still stink, and while we STILL refuse to be like Christ and his follewers serving joyfully, we can at least tear each other to pieces in our anger!

I've always had the distinct impression that those who seek Satan have REALLY not thought this through!

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