Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trump, Freedom To Be Free

Trump poses no major dilemma for genuine conservatives | Power Line:

As I read this solid column, something whacked me upside the head. Many "conservatives" today sound exactly like what the people in the Baptist church I grew up in sounded -- "Chrisitan" was all about what you DIDN'T DO ... don't drink, don't smoke, don't dance, don't go to movies, don't wear pants (women), don't swim with opposite sex (in pool), etc, etc

The list was LONG and someone was always "better" ... some had no TV, playing cards were a no no in many familes including ours. "Separation" was how you signalled your virtue to fellow church people.

Is that what it means to be a political "conservative" today?

No question that Ronald Reagan was my favorite politician of my life so far, but even he was divorced and rarely attended church.

As the article points out after a couple paragraph screed on all Trump's "faults" is aired, there is nothing about POLICY! To me, POLICY that works in a conservative direction -- ie. smaller government, less control by Deep State, more individual freedoms, more state freedom, control of our borders, etc. is THE big deal!

I'm in nearly complete agreement with Trump on his policies -- is that not what actually matters to a CONSERVATIVE? When it comes to the leader of the Republican Party, must we have some sort of urbane sophistication of the William F Buckley or George Will nature? Absolutely I enjoy watching that detatched, eloquent, educated, sophisticated, morally upright, somewhat prudish or even snobbish manner more than I enjoy the NYC street fighter swagger of Trump. I "prefer it", but can I be a "conservative" and NOT prefer pragmatic success over elegance?

I'm not about seeing how small a tent we can make "conservatism" or the Republican Party. The strategy of "being more selective" in your constiuency has it's downside when votes count!

Is FREEDOM  not about ACTUAL tolerance of others who think and behave differently being part of your political group, not just the country? The idea of purging the Republican Party of Trump and his voters seems ill-advised to the point of suicide when pragmatics are considered. My bottom line of conservatism is that diversity in thought, style, manner, etc actually IS to be honored, and even celebrated! I had a close freind from NYC 35 years ago. I learned that NYC manners and Barron WI manners are NOT the same -- however, there can be a lot to appreciate about another perspective!

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