Monday, June 12, 2017

Trump Gives Government Settlement Fees To Conservative Groups

The Death of Obama’s Slush Funds - WSJ:

Oh, sorry ... **BO** forced businiesses to send  BILLIONS to left wing organizations rather to the "victims" of whatever the Adminisrative State had "convicted" them of, or to the coffers of the US Treasury! Naturally, the fact this happened, and the fact that it has  been stopped will get VERY little MSM coverage!

Banks were made to fund left-wing activists such as NeighborWorks—though these groups were neither victims nor parties to lawsuits. In 2015 JP Morgan was required to pay $7.5 million to the American Bankruptcy Institute’s endowment for financial education. In 2016Volkswagen was required to invest $2 billion in zero-emissions technology and promote zero-emissions cars. Government enforcement became an income redistribution mechanism without having to go through Congress.

Renmember Iran Contra? The ENTIRE issue was about the question of Reagan being aware that funds from off-budget arms payments from Iran had been routed to the Contras.

This is just one of the MANY cases where BO took illegal unconstitutional actions and got off completely without even reporting of the crime!

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