Monday, June 26, 2017

Younger Women, Faster Airplanes, Bigger Crocodiles

David Brooks, the supposed "conservative" has a new book out called "The Road to Character". Since he just dumped his old wife and 3 kids for a woman 23 years his junior, the arduoous path to "character" must lead through the arduous challenge of marrying younger women. Among the wealthy and powerful male, this path is well trod.

I really think David picked the wrong title -- so I helped him out with the blog title, which was the motto of the creator of Nautilus equipment, Arthur Jones. If Jones was to write a book, it would be aobut BEING a "character" -- as in having a runway that you can land a 747 on at your compound, lots of crocodiles, elephants and snakes, and of course 6 wives, all married when  they were aged between 16 and 20. Arthur definitely practiced what he preached!

There will be no rush to buy Brooks current book, however I'm not saying "never". Both King David and Solomon had "many women", King David famously resorting to murder to satisfy his sexual desire.

While the left has suddenly found "virtue" to be very important in leadership, and finds Trump wanting, the scolds seem to have a hard time setting themselves up as paragons.

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