Saturday, July 08, 2017

Lizard At White Castle

Gov. Dayton, don’t honor Philando Castile | Power Line:

If a white Castile was high on pot, stopped, yelled out "I have a gun" and started reaching for it, he would be dead and outside of friends and family, nobody would know or care. Let's call him "White Castle".

Naturally, lefties will claim "profiling" ... the description of the robbery suspect was that he was black (eg black and male), so until we get to descriptions like "subject was humanoid, certain height, weight, etc", that will be a problem.

When people select their race, gender, and sometimes species, how can any observer make descrptions like "black, male, large, etc" ... I personally identify as 5'10", 180 lbs with a full head of hair. Certainly nobody in society would disrespect my right to identify as such -- however, it is quite likely that they might err in describing me were they not to check out what I identify as!

Perhaps we could name a program at the U to study this important area after Castile -- however, I'm afraid the combo of being stoned, smoke rolling out of your car and saying out of the blue "I have a gun" then reaching for it is likely to cause problems no matter what you may think you are.

Perhaps if he had yelled out "I'm a lizard!"?

In honor of the general surrealistic state of our world today, I vote we name the new program "Trans Lizard At White Castle" -- in honor of, well, the "reality" which our times have created.

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