Thursday, July 06, 2017

Ban Fireworks, Legalize Weed!

Along with the belief that ANYTHING can be legislated by government -- from health, to wealth, to happiness, to peace; -- the faith that what I like ought to be mandatory, and what I don't like should be criminal, is deep in the liberal psyche.

Philando Castile, high on weed with a gun, a girlfriend and kid in the back of a car has a traffic stop that isn't as fun as the Cheech and Chong version in "Up In Smoke".

In the big liberal spinner of "who / what to blame, cuz we are never responsible for even our own actions", this time the spinner came up "racist cops". This one happened to be hispanic, which seems inconvienient, but never mind -- that was the story, and they have stuck to it.

Weed causing a problem? Uh, like was I speeding man? ... You are parked! ... Wow, heavy man!

Back in the '70s, college kids liked to get stoned and listen to "Firesign Theatre" ... lots of speaker to speaker, foggy background stuff, odd interruptions -- just the stuff to make people stoned out of their gourd (and I use that term with apologies to gourds) giggle and laugh uncontrollably.

Without the "benefit" of mind altering substances, it seems a little well ... "odd", however the fact that is HILLARIOUS to stoners, might give some insight to the thought that driving while stoned and carrying might not be the safest way to go.

My suspicion is that the liberal brain is pretty much like Firesign Theatre 24x7  -- here is the "important part" of the fireworks ban column ...

I get that this might be annoying because this land is your land ('Merica!), but this land is also my land; it was made for you AND me (and our pets and veterans, and the people who want to go bed before you're done celebrating). So, regardless of how much we might love fireworks, I think it's time we find new ways of celebrating the Fourth and 24th of July.
There we have it ... fireworks scare dogs and veterans, so we need to ban them nationally and find "new ways" to celebrate the "4th and the 24th of July" -- hey, one day is pretty much the same as the next when you are stoned. Perhaps we could all go out, drive around with our guns while stoned and yell out "I've got a gun!!" to scare the cops if we are stopped.

Weed is safe, guns and fireworks are dangerous. Guns and fireworks give people weird ideas and cause them to do bad things. Weed has no such complications.

Everything you know is wrong.

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