Monday, July 03, 2017

Christie Pics Show CNN Has Stopped Caring

Can it be any more obvious? This is the HEADLINE on the news today. Does ANYONE nationally, certainly not anyone that is not a hyperpartisn lefty really care if the Governor of New Jersy is overweight and wants to sit on a beach the weekend before the 4th? How many things are regularly closed down so the president can tavel or attend?  Happens all the time -- who cares. Even being governor has it's occasional perks, though obviously not enough to get any privacy.

Is it possible that the Fake News Network has lost it's sense of caring to such a degree that they fail to see the self reference here? I assume they realize that Cristie is not the only one beyond caring.

It is easy to find examples of beaches closing for BO ... But naturallly BO was a great guy, so no meme there!

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