Sunday, July 16, 2017

Clothes Look Better On The Hanger

The media’s martyr complex is embarrassing - The Washington Post:

Good column, worth reading -- nothing I haven't covered a few thousand times. MSM heavily biased, thin skinned, ignores anything good about a conservative, piles on them with trivia and fake news. We know all that, and even though it is just one guest editorial at the WaPo before they return to their  own regularly scheduled martyrdom, it is never the less refreshing.

Coverage of the president’s overseas trip and participation in the Group of 20 summit offered numerous examples, with major media outlets focused more on minutiae — Ivanka sat in the president’s chair! — than on substance, giving comparatively short shrift to his powerful remarksin Poland and the important Syrian cease-fire agreementbrokered between Trump and Russian President Vladi­mir Putin. 
And later, the wall-to-wall coverage regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a private Russian attorney was the definition of overkill, considering no one has brought forward any evidence to contradict the accounts of the participants that no substantive information was exchanged and there was no follow-up by anyone. But it was another opportunity to repeat “Russia, Russia, Russia,” the media’s magic words for conjuring, Beetlejuice-fashion, the genie they hope will vanquish their bogeyman.

After the MSM tells you for months that the sun doesn't rise in the east, it is at least refreshing when they have a guest stop by and give one editorial column letting us know that that yes, even though their biases and emotions won't let them recognize it these days, it is STILL rising in the east, and all their reporting of fake news (which will continue) actually is fake, and they have no choice but to keep reporting the fake news.

It is like the old guy whose wife keeps asking him how she looks in that dress and he responds "great honey!". Unlike my 90 year old father reported about someone at the nursing home he was at, that "Like pretty much everyone our age, the clothes look better on the hanger than when we are wearing them".

For much of the left, fake news is really all they can possibly handle at this point! Just like an elderly person whose clothes would look better on the hanger, the MSM just can't accept that Trump is having a good deal of success!

Even if their stories would look better if they just reported from the hanger of reality vs the fetid imagination between their ears.

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