Friday, July 21, 2017

Dayton Makes Case for Unitary Rule

Minnesota cage match, 2017 edition (3) | Power Line:

One might think that even far lefties like the Red Star Trib would be against the prospects of unitary rule by having the excutive just zero out funding for the other branches of government. One might think that -- especially with Trump as POTUS, but one would be wrong.

So the SCOTUS of MN will decide if our state is ready for any king that decides to follow Gov Goofy's lead and just zero out both the legislative and judical branches.

You wonder how anyone that would support such a move has any credibility? No need to ask "left is RIGHT (as in correct, just, etc)" ... it is just a pure statement of faith if you are on the left. It's like the Resurrection for Christians ... only without any forgiveness, morals, love, and any of that sort of trash.

The left just cares about absolute power -- "justice" to them means absolute state power, because to them The State is god.

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