Sunday, July 09, 2017

Hamilton vs "Hamilton"

The Hamilton Hustle - Why Have Liberals Embraced America's Most Reactionary Founder? | Zero Hedge:

Anyone with a passing knowlege of the founding knows that Hamilton was totally against democracy. So why do the current "Democrats" love him? Well, it isn't very surprising to readers of this blog, because we know that "The Party" (TP-D) is about POWER, no matter by what means it is achieved. "Democracy" is great as long as it gives your side power -- when it doesn't, it is bad!

Good article if you need a refresher on reality. See if the closing paragraph sounds like any political party you are familiar with:

Set in contrast to the actual life and career of its subject, the play Hamilton is a feat of political alchemy - as is the stunningly successful marketing campaign surrounding it. But our generation’s version of Hamilton adulation isn’t all that different from the version that took hold in the 1920s: it’s designed to subvert democracy by helping the professional class to associate the rise of finance with the greatness of America, instead of seeing in that financial infrastructure the seeds of a dangerous authoritarian tradition.

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