Sunday, July 23, 2017

Judgement On Sources, Fake News, MPR

If you go out to that link and search for "anonymous sources" you can find the hour long show. I only listened to part of it, I believe I got the "important points", and I don't really have the stomach for more. 

The best description of NPR is that of covering the left and the far left -- this little segment included all lefty participants agreeing wholeheartedly that what the "good news people" (NPR, WaPO, NY Times, etc) use are "confidential sources", why, their EDITORS approve them! There you go -- it is the classic 4 wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner -- only in this case they didn't even invite a sheep to add another perspective to the discussion before they dealt with the flock! Naturally, Trump claiming people should take such things with a grain of salt was DANGEROUS! (an "attack" on the "legitimate" media)

For example, NPR says "Trump's Travel Ban" multiple times a day, and persists in calling BOcare "The AFFORDABLE Care Act".

Trump has gotten temporary restrictions on travel from 7 countries, most of which also had travel restrictions under at least part of the BO administaration. "Travel Ban" is completely Fake News -- yet they repeat it like a mantra, since they know their audience likes that designation ... and realize that with enough repetition, everyone will just accept it.

Certainly they have the fig leaf of saying that the ACA is what it is named! However, they have no problem at all using "so called" or simply leaving the name off it comes to a program from the other poltical side. At this point we have not just the fact that ACA never did ANYTHING to reduce costs and make care "affordable" beyond assigning ten years of revenue to 7 years of program and claiming it "saved" money for the government!

 ACA added a whole host of new benefits -- kids under parents plan until age 26, pre-existing conditions, substance abuse treatment, birth control, abortion, etc, etc which made plans for people that pay for them HUGELY more expensive -- like from $8K per year per couple for a BETTER PLAN (lower deductables, lower co-pays) to being $20 or $30K now PLUS big co-pays and deductables!

"Affordable" my ass.

MPR / NPR is a great source for news of the left and far left. Listen to it regularly and you know what one side thinks pretty well, and you get to hear a lot of abuse of the other side. The typical NPR listener can be very smug in that their position is the ONLY "reasonable, smart, caring, educated, etc" position to hold.

The nice thing about NPR is that as a taxpayer, especially for MPR in MN, you get to PAY to hear the sound of one left hand clapping every day! ,,,, and the Buddhists thought it was a koan.

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