Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Kill SALT (State And Local Tax deduction) NOW!

Will Democrats Pound SALT? – WSJ:

If the Republicans can't get this done, they don't deserve to lead!

SALT is a $100 billion YEARLY tax break to high tax states and cities. Surprise surprise it goes to the blue state wealthy. A full half of the break goes to California, Illinois, New York, Maryland, Massachusets and New Jersey! What's more, the richest 20% of taxpayers get 14x the benefit!

This is nothing but encouragement for higher state and local taxes -- low tax red states get to subsidize high tax blue states. KILL IT!

Government is a WHOLE lot more voracious than a T-Rex crossed with a velocirpator! Keep throwing it the life blood of your "enemmies" (how "The Party" views red states), and it just gets HUNGRIER!


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