Monday, July 03, 2017

Billy Moyers Left Hand Clapping

The sort of sanctimony that Moyers exhudes is very special ... it reminds me of Garrison Keillor, or the most extreme of the sanctimonious in my far fundamental Baptist youth. Certainly the Scribes and the Pharisees had nothing on Billy M. It is **ALL** the fault of "the other side" ... in his view "the right". The following is a great summary paragraph of the view:

"This unenlightened, know-it-all mindset, completely impervious to conflicting facts and theories, is just not the stuff of rationality, progress and constitutional democracy. It is, rather, the stuff of superstition, cults and fascism. Fortunately, the brainwashed right constitute a minority — only 35 to 40 percent — of the American population. This is why Republicans have to cheat to win local, state and national elections. Because they can’t be honest about their self-serving, oligarchical motives, they have to resort instead to the most ruthless, unscrupulous, anti-democratic tactics: voter suppression (including voter purges), unconstitutional gerrymandering and dissemination of fake news."
Simmering just below his righteous angry surface is the horror that people believe in GOD! The genesis of "superstition, cults and fascism". "Only" 35 - 40% of our population has been "brainwashed" -- Moyers has to feel pretty good about THAT!

Billy obviously really hates Newt ... and Trump, and Reagan, and God, and well ... it's a long list. When one is completely rational, it rather strangely seems that hate and anger smoulder to the top. How strange.

No question that Moyers is WELL past his expiration date -- he used to be semi-known, but these days is more of your crank in the wilderness vs your crank on Public Television (ok, that is the widerness too, but he is deeper in the wilderness now). How the unhinged have fallen.

The level of smug "certainty" on the left is always trotted out so proudly -- and then, at the first hint of an actual discussion, they melt like the Wicked Witch into a steaming puddle of anger forced to be contained because their emotions have overcome them, they can not longer talk, and realize that any attempt at the violence seething out of them would only result in them getting their ass kicked.

I suppose it is some consolation that they can slink off to stew in their bile completely certain that it is "someone elses fault". There is always that. (see Hillary)

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