Monday, July 17, 2017

NeverTrump ... Pro Wrestling Not Real

The NeverTrump Outrage of a Disappointed Elite | Frontpage Mag:

As I've tried to point out may times, the ONLY solution is LIMITED government, which means SMALLER government. "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have" (Jerry Ford).

And my corollary, "the more you have, the more true that is until you make over 2x the top tax bracket" (currently about $225K) ... once you make over that (like $450k), you highere accountants and tax lawyers and they soak you for a couple $100K a year, but allow you keep money and interest pretty much scott free from then on out.

Politicians from BOTH parties, plus the judicial branch, plus the Administrative (Deep) State, + media, + captains of industry, big time entertainers, etc have WAY more in common with each other than they do with you and I.

My preferred example is the O-lines of the Vikings and the Packers ... they are all huge guys with speed and reflexes that make any of us look like children to them. Our best bet is just to make sure we don't get between them and the dinner table.

Do they hate each other? Hell no ... football is THEIR JOB. They may well be traded to the same team at any time and play together. The only time their name gets called is when they screw up -- holding, false start, or getting beat so bad that their QB gets hurt. The wide receivers or some back "pre-dated" every girl they ever wanted to ask out from middle school on up. They are there to protect the QB and open holes for the guys people care about. "Joe bag O donuts!".

The linked article uses pro wrestling to make the point. The elite has been fleecing all of us even "slightly above average" Joes forever -- and they definitely want to keep doing it! Hey, we are NOT supposed to notice!

So expect a LOT more "outrage" from both "sides" -- just remember, the elite HAVE a side, in actuality, we have none at all. They could care less if their policies kill millions of the "common folk" -- they have vacations, dinner parties, entertainment, kids to move into their power structure, ...

"White privilige"? Hey, go drag a $100 bill through a trailer park as James Carvelle once intoned --- see what kind of "privilige" you dredge up.

Not happy with Trump? Well, at least he is giving the IMPRESSION of pissing off the elite -- that is WAY more than we have had since at least Reagan.

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