Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Police Shooting Identity Politics

A police shooting with a difference | Power Line:

In BOistan, EVERYTHING is political, ALL the time!

Thus when a white Australian woman is shot and killed after making a 911 call, everyone rushes to their own tribal conclusions -- Then, OOPS, the officer is BLACK! Somali even! Everyone re-shuffles accordingly because, well, it is ALL POLITICAL ... no "facts" exist separate from politics in BOistan. Race, privilege, gender, income, ethnicity -- BOistan is big balkanized mess of identiy politcs groups, and that is ALL that matters!

So this article casts a little doubt on my theory, but only in rumor:

I reached out to a trusted law enforcement source for any insight he might be able to offer. He responds: “My first thought was that it was accidental, but rumor has it [Officer Noor is] denying that it was a negligent discharge.” He adds: “If there aren’t some sort of mitigating circumstances, and I’m struggling to imagine what they could be, this may be the most egregious police shooting in my lifetime if not longer…But not many facts are known at this point and it’s hard to pass judgement before knowing more than what’s being leaked to the media.”
The column does a pretty good job of covering how Gov Goofy sees this one completely differently -- no passing judgement on police here vs the Castile shooting! I think we all know that the Goofus Gov's "judgement" is sadly lacking in connection to reality in any case, and unfortunately what tattered shreds of "judegment" remain can best be described as "impaired".

We are LONG past a world where officers are hired and fired because of COMPETENCE vs race, ethnicity, gender, etc. Who knows about Yanez -- the "elephant in the room" was that he is hispanic. While I never heard anyone mention that while castigating his completence, I think we all know that the "hispanic" designation didn't hurt him getting a position as an officer at all.

Likewise Noor ... would he even BE a cop if he was not Somali? I'm quite sure that it is even LESS likely to find out any factual information or even conjecture about that because it is RACIST to ask such objective questions.

BOistan operates under the requirement that "affirmative action" in ANYTHING has "positive effects" on quality of whatever it touches. That is a FACT in BOistan, and it is a FACT that demands that there never be any scrutiny or even the thought that such a thing could or should be verified.

Hey, Islamic Terrorism is NOT "Islamic"! In BOistan you have to not only believe 5 or 10 insane things each day, AND, you have to castigate other people if they step out of line and observe that the emporer is naked!

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