Monday, July 17, 2017

Somali Officer, White Woman, WTF??

Mpls. police officer who shot, killed woman identified |

Well, this unfortunate tradgedy will likely be a learning opportunity. First, DON'T BELIEVE FIRST REPORTS!

Some random thoughts:

  • My prediction is that this fades from news rapidly. Doesn't really fit any narrative. She called, so it wasn't a "stop". Officer black, dead citizen white ...   Huh???
  • What the hell went wrong seems as hard to imagine as the destroyer getting hit by the container ship a month ago. After the videos in the Yanex / Castile shooting, that was NOT the case. What went wrong there was a person high on weed blurting out "I've got a gun" and then at least appearing to go for it.
  • If I had to guess, it may have been an AD (Accidental Discharge) ... officer had gun out because of situation as they stopped, trying to re-holster the weapon and "somehow" it went off. If it WAS through the drivers door from the passenger seat,  we will find that Noor (the officer) was left handed, his partner was one very lucky SOB and the poor lady was beyond imagination UNlucky. 
Again, I'm guessing this will just dissappear, however who knows. 

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