Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sowell of A Sage

Definitely one of the heroes that I worship just a bit too much. Now 86 and no longer doing a column, interviewd here by WSJ. A sage indeed.

"How has America changed over Mr. Sowell’s lifetime? “Oh my God,” he responds, “that is truly a depressing subject.” He laments the “huge degeneration” and what he sees as the spread of “the grievance culture to low-income whites—and even to places like Great Britain.” 
An idea has taken root “that you’re entitled to certain things, that you don’t necessarily have to earn them,” he says. “There’s a belief that something’s wrong if you don’t have what other people have—that it’s because you’re ‘disadvantaged.’ A teenage dropout mother is told she has a disadvantage. But if you’re going to call the negative consequences of chosen behavior ‘disadvantage,’ the word is corrupt beyond repair and useful only for propaganda purposes.”"
Excellent discussion on school choice and how it could move blacks that care about their kids to the R colum.

READ IT! I hope he lives to a 110 with all his faculties intact, however I intend to keep listening to him as if this was his last day!

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