Thursday, July 27, 2017

Teen Suicides, Depression, Anxiety, Religion

Teen Suicides, Depression, Anxiety Rising: Religion Can Help | National Review

The idea that a life without meaning is not likely to be worth living is nothing new to a reader of this blog. It is also no surprise that depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide are at epidemic levels, especially in the young. A worthy read.

:A far stronger case can be made for our society’s decline in religious faith as the cause of these mental pathologies in the young. The decline in religion that began in the ’60s has accelerated in the past 15 years and is especially great among young people. A recent Pew report noted that over a third of its young respondents described themselves as “believers in nothing in particular.” Schrobsdorff’s omission of religious decline is one indication of how great the decline in religion has been — and how much our secular culture is in denial on the issue. The media just doesn’t “get” religion.

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