Friday, July 21, 2017

The Kids Are Alt-Right

I assume the title (which I love) is a play off of this.

Although nobody was planning it, the messages extant in the culture said that you had to be a rebel to be truly authentic, while to be good you had to conform to ever-more elaborate norms defined by a new class of campus deans and human-resource administrators. Every culture has its contradictions, but this was bound to bewilder people; unsurprisingly, many of them decided it was better to be real and bad than tame and good.

 From Satan on, "the rebel cause" is ALWAYS alive. even if it needs to be "Rebel Without a Cause" as in the famous James Dean movie. Humans are rebels at heart -- what they are being a "rebel" against has never mattered much. You DID however have to REBEL to be "authentic" ... I mean how could a brand new human being conform to the old values of parents / school / church / etc?

So, unsurprisingly, as parents became far left wing haters of Western civilization, white people, religion, America, etc, what better way to rebel than Alt-Right? When any concept of timeless morality is abandoned

Nagle quotes Marxist critic Mark Fischer’s observation that the online Left is “driven by a priest’s desire to excommunicate and condemn, an academic-pedant’s desire to be the first to be seen to spot a mistake, and a hipster’s desire to be one of the in-crowd.” She then adds that the witch-hunting tactics that shame people into silence have the effect of creating social and economic “scarcity” in an online world where virtue is treated as currency. If everyone has value in this medium of exchange, then the only way to accrue more yourself is to burn a few friends.
Part of the human condition is that the heart of our world views are based on emotion -- how does something make us FEEL. Oh certainly, many of us have suitable intellectual, possibly even reasonable and somewhat "factual" defenses of our views, but none of those give us that special feeling in the gut when we are attacked by "the other side". A failure of our world  view has eternal consequences -- for those of us that believe in eternal life, it could call it into question, and for those that don't, it might make them wonder if they TRUELY have "facts" to support what they believe to be a perfectly rational lack of belief. (one doesn't have to read that too carefully to see a problem).

At the base, we are all about BELIEF! That is what ALL our worldviews are founded on.

I find the view quoted from the left to be a remarkably accurate view of human nature; "A priests desire to condemn, an academics passion to point out errors, and a hipsters desire to be "in"" ... when all three can be combined, it is simply grand for human emotion.

Thus, Christ preaches the opposite. As Chritians, we are not allowed to judge and condemn, we are to be humble servants of others, and we are to expect to be hated and detested by the world.

It is never clear where a breakdown of tradition and culture will take tribes of people -- however human nature is a constant. Judgement, finger pointing and shallow / fragile "popularity" are a given.

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