Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trust In Government Erodes When Government Not Trustworthy

One of those "News at 11" healines. 

"The Party" (TP-D) controlled, and in some cases funded (NPR) media often sheds huge tears over "loss of trust in government". They hate to see the sheep not have tons of trust in their increasingly lavishly paid, gold class benefited plus wined and dined at public expense bureaucrat "shepherds"  just because the bureaucrats whose salaries they pay call them "deplorables" and fail to do their jobs.

As Reynolds puts it:

Politicians have a short-term focus, seldom looking past the next election. But for those of us with a longer view, this is a serious problem. As The Atlantic recently noted, trust in government is collapsing around the world. The reason for this, I’m afraid, is that government isn’t trustworthy. We used to try to do better in the United States, but lately the powers that be seem to be rubbing our noses in their untrustworthiness and their ability to avoid the consequences. This, I predict, will not end well.

This is anything but a new problem. OT era rulers in Egypt in Babylon had lots of problems with their feckless beauracracy and often ended up choosing advisors from the Jews ( Joeseph, Daniel, etc). The reason that Rome lasted so long is that they effectively worshiped the Greeks, who were the philosophic parents of the idea that "this is NOT all there is" ... eg. there is a dimension beyond our dimension in which perfection is reality, and what we see is a mere projection ... "shadows on the wall of the cave".

The job  of the true "elite" -- the priest, philosopher, royalty, upper class, etc, was to see this transcendent dimension and use it to rule with true justice. As with most things, Christ said it best in Matt 20:26 "Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant."

Without transcendence, it is all POWER, which in this context means POLITICS. The linked is not very long and Reynolds is an excellent writer ... it's a sad litany if you care about competent government,  here is a teaser:

The FBI had interviewed Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, after being warned by the Russian government that he was a threat, but still did nothing. Three people were killed and more than 260 were injured as a result. The FBI also investigated in advance but failed to prevent mass killings by Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan and Arkansas shooter Carlos Bledsoe.

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