Thursday, August 03, 2017

32K Is "Small"?

Rural towns in the eclipse’s path are bracing for a flood of smartphone-toting visitors - The Washington Post:

I grew up on a dairy farm 8 miles from Barron WI ... at that time, population < 2K. Poskin was the closest town -- population "40". Rice Lake was the BIG town, population 7K, Eau Claire, population 45K was the BIG CITY ... Minneapolis and St Paul were just too big to contemplate. Chicago? Beyond anything but being "named", comprehension impossible.

I'm headed for York Nebraska, population 7.7K right on I-80 in Nebraska for the big eclipse. 7.7K still seems like a decent sized town to me. Our lake place is near Emmetsburg IA, 3.9K people -- hey, it's bigger then where I grew up, it seems pretty urban to me!

Perspective makes a lot of difference -- While I have lived in the area, Rochester has grown from being the size of Eau Claire when I moved in to a 100K behemoth today. My God, I drive around Minneapolis and St Paul as if THEY were the Eau Claire of my youth, and have driven in New York City, Boston, Miami, Dallas, LA, San Fransisco, Chicago and many others. I may be jaded, but 32K is STILL a decent sized city in my mind!

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