Friday, August 25, 2017

Anger, And the Cure

The epidemic and its cure – Catholic Philly:

Another excellent column from Archbishop Chaput. I thought this paragraph was especially good:

When an organization like the Southern Poverty Law Center labels a mainstream religious liberty advocate like the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) as a “hate group” it’s simply betraying its own bitter contempt for the people and convictions the ADF defends. So yes, hate has a home here alright: not just among white nationalists, immigrant-haters and neo-Nazis, as loathsome as their ideas are, but also among the “progressive” and educated elites who have the power to insulate themselves from the consequences of their own delusions and bigotries.

I've covered the Southern Poverty Hate Group here ... for them, Chrisitanity is a "hate group", because the Bible says that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Vast swaths of the media and the left are so insanely angry that pulling a sports announcer of Chinese descent from announcing a football game because his name is "Robert Lee" seems "reasonable. Certainly there is anger amoung Trump voters as well, however they are not the ones tearing down statues.

Anyone that qotes Seneca gets some favorable bias from me.

Anger “is greedy for punishment” and a kind of “brief insanity” as Seneca says elsewhere. It first deforms and then destroys the person and the culture that cultivate it. If that’s true – and it clearly is – America 2017 is urgently in need of a healing. We’re a culture addicted to anger. And we’re relentlessly reinforced in it by mass media that compulsively feed our emotions and starve our reason.
The cure is Christ in my view, or maybe, if one believes David Brooks, it is possible to "step back" and become a "moderate" ... MAYBE!

The biggest problem is that the left is in anger overdrive, and like most angry people, they feel 100% "righteous" in their anger!

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