Sunday, August 27, 2017

Arpaio, Political End To Political Persecution

Trump pardons Joe Arpaio | Power Line:

Our Constitution grants the president the power to pardon without any oversight -- wrong or right, that is what it provides. BO broke the record for pardons -- media interest? Ho hum. Slick Willie did get some notice from the MSM when he pardoned Mark Rich in return for millions of dollars, but the Constitution doesn't even directly say that the president can't sell pardons on the open market.

News at 11, Washington is totally corrupt, and has been for a long time, however, all that has NOTHING to do with this case!

Power Line does it's usual good job of reporting the Sheriff Joe pardon shortly and sweetly.

Obviously the left hated Sheriff Joe, a conservative who believed in protecting the border. (and somewhat of a crank as well, but aren't "crank" and "conservative" synonyms today?)

BO managed to inflate the idea of a sheriff thinking you were more likely to be an illegal alien if you were Mexican than if you were Swedish into "profiling" (a left wing sin comensurate to making money other than through graft of theft).

So they wanted to put an 85 year old man in jail to teach him ... and of course anyone else who might disagree with them, a "lesson". All the way back to Stalin, Hitler and Mao, the left LOVES "lessons" ... it is a VERY important part of their "education" and more importantly RE-education of the recalcitrant free thinking sorts!

Remember, LEFT is the party of DEATH!! -- if you have no ,mercy for babies in their mother's wombs, you certainly have no mercy for an 85 year old guy that pissed you off by trying to enforce immigration law!

Oh, and crocodile tears over presidential pardons? Please spare me!

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