Thursday, August 17, 2017

Boycotting Praeger

Santa Monica Symphony Roiled by Conservative Guest Conductor -

Seems rather odd that an attempt to boycott a fund raiser in LA because Dennis Praeger was going to guest conduct is a bit tepid to be "NY Times" level news, but it was.

The boycott worked about as well as your standard left-wing cause -- the concert sold out.

See if you have "divisive" political views, you ought to be boycotted ...
His political views are divisive. Just last month, Mr. Prager posted on Twitter that “the news media in the West pose a far greater danger to Western civilization than Russia does.” In 2014, he wrote that the “heterosexual AIDS” crisis was something “entirely manufactured by the Left.” That same year, Mr. Prager suggested that if same-sex marriage were legalized, then “there is no plausible argument for denying polygamous relationships, or brothers and sisters, or parents and adult children, the right to marry.”
I'd love to hear the "reason" to deny polygamy, brothers/sisters, etc? As far as I can tell, if they declared themselves gay, bi, or something else, the relationships are in fact ALREADY legal. Like what would a "bi-sexual marriage" (already legal), look like if it doesn't involve at least 3 people?

What grounds does one deny things from the left like this? "Morality"???? What the hell is left wing "morality" ... epsecially on anything remotely related to sex? And it's basis would be ??? "Well, we don't like THAT!!!!!"

While we are at it, isn't "bi" a little outdated with at least 58 genders and rapidly rising?

Well, while allowing lots of genders is certainly NOT divisive fromt the left, having different opinions from the left is VERY divisive, and likely "bigoted" as well.

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