Thursday, August 24, 2017

Cruz / Trump January 2015 Wayback

Ted Cruz & Donald Trump: GOP Establishment Prefers Trump | National Review:

In these days of zero memory, it is so laughable to go WAY back to January 2015 before the primaries had got going. French goes through a bunch of mental gymnastics  as to why the "establishment" like Trump better than Ctuz, but I think the reason is obvious. They thought Cruz might beat Hillary and they were CERTAIN that Trump would not. "The estabishment" in both parties preferred Hillary over either Cruz or Trump, and they were starting to see how weak the other R candidates were.

The establishment’s anti-Cruz faction sees the real-estate mogul as more capable of bringing disaffected Democrats to the GOP, and thus potentially more capable of defeating Hillary Clinton. They’ve developed a grudging respect for his success, and a hope for what it augurs, since one does not remain a going concern at such stratospheric levels without an ability to adapt and compromise. Though they still think he’d lose to Clinton, they’ve stopped waiting for his campaign to fall apart, and they’re noticing that he represents a classic constituency — Jacksonian America — that is in many ways perceived as less radical than Cruz’s grassroots army.
The failure of the GOP to repeal BOcare has convinced me that they had decided to sit this one out, let Hillary and the Davos crowd keep driving the bus, while the sitting GOP Congressmen and Senators kept riding the gravy train. The election of Trump was and is as painful for guys like Ryan, McConnel, McCain, etc as it is for D's ... maybe more so, since the R's have been exposed as the feckless liars that they are. Promising since '10 to "REPEAL BOcare!" ... and then not doing it when they have control!

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